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August 1st Zone Labs had a little party. The occasion: August 15th we are moving into a new office. The party took place in the new office which is awesome. The previous tenant invested about 8 million dollars into renovating it - and then went bankrupt. We appreciate that very much because we are moving into a great building without having to invest a penny into furnishing or renovating it. An additional detail: We are moving from about 26,000 square feet in two ugly old buildings in a bad neighborhood into over 70,000 square feet in a nice building in a much better neighborhood - and pay almost the same amount of rent.

The following is a picture tour through the new office.


Main entrance

Artwork in the lobby

View over the atrium

From the elevators to the lobby

In the lobby looking to the left

In the lobby looking to the right

Through the door on the left into the actual office space

Two Craps tables were a big hit

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