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July 2005

So there's this guy I know, let's call him Bobby, who somehow found himself in a relationship with a woman, let's call her Verna. This relationship was the worst thing that could happen to anybody. This woman gained complete control over him, put him down, wrapped him around her finger, and walked all over him.

While his mind would clear up when he was away from her and in the company of sane people, such as his sister's family, he would realize how bad the relationship was and that he had to dump her. Yet the moment he was around her everything went to shit again.

This woman pretty much drove him to alcoholism. She is a drug addict and prostitutes herself for money or drugs. She lost her last steady job a long time ago. She has an 11 year old daugher that she lost custody over several years ago. Short - she is one sad human being. We all think she has some severe mental issues as well.

Bobby owns a house that she was living in with him (she does not own the place, does not pay rent). While he told her many times to get out, she never really left, always came back, wreaking more havoc on Bobby's life.

He finally moved out to the country into his parents' cabin, stopped drinking, became a firefighter, and started to get his life under control. He gave power of attorney to his parents who came into town last week with the goal of cleaning up the house. Thursday night Verna and some other scummy characters that were staying there were told to vacate the premises and take whatever was hers with her, because starting Friday, the entire contents of the house were going into a dumpster.

Friday I went over there to help clean out the house. What i saw there was frightening and disgusting. The condition of the house and the circumstances she was living in were beyond belief. To start, power and water had been turned off months ago since nobody paid the bills. She managed to turn the power back on illegally but broke the water valve when trying to break into the water main and failed. The water company had to come out and spend hours repairing the damage and installing a new meter, valve, and piping.

Imagine living in a house with no water, not being able to wash or shower or flush the toilets - you get the idea. The house had been heavily smoked in and not cleaned up in years. The place was trashed and filthy.

The house was an eye sore in an otherwise decent neighborhood.

In the foreground you can see a guy sleeping in his car and a dog in it, too. This was one of two dogs living in the backyard.

The kitchen

Some of the rooms

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