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Sheriff's Firearms Range October 2008

One of my neighbors who works for a local Sheriff's office invited my buddy Bill and me to come down to their shooting range today to check out a competition they were having.

We watched officers from different agencies show off their skills...

... as well as their highly technically advanced gear.

One of the ranges had a table with a bunch of weapons they confiscated over time, including an M16A1, a Sten gun, an old German MP38, an M1, an H&K33, a Beretta 38/42, and more.

Of course, we had to try them out :) This is me shooting the MP38, a predecessor of the MP40. Happiness is shooting a gun with a group therapy switch :)

This is a Scout armored vehicle that was on display.

The inside of the Scout.

One of their helicopters used for ground support, rescue operations, and marijuana eradication.

We got to ride the chopper as well.

As you can tell by the big grin on Bill's face, it was a fun day.