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Qualys August 2005

Zone Labs, the company I worked at for the last 2 ½ years, was bought by Check Point last year. Since then, things went slowly but steadily downhill. Since there was no improvement in sight, I didn't agree with their methods and business practices, and one colleague after the other quit, I decided to look for another job which I found quickly at a company called Qualys.

This company is also in the security space, has a good product, is relatively small (120 employees) and new (founded 1999), very promising, and you only hear good things about them. My first day was August 1st 2005.

A nice building

View to the front from the second floor

Very nice surroundings

My little kingdom

Right around the corner (10 minutes on foot) are the headquarters of the company Oracle. They have several cafeterias with good food, which is where we go sometimes for lunch.