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February 2002

On the weekend of February 23rd, Pumatech combined their Los Gatos office with the San Jose main office by clearing out the Los Gatos office and moving everything and everybody over to San Jose. The move itself went pretty smoothly. Here's a small collection of snapshots taken over the course of that weekend with a few comments.

Heather and I had spent the last week or two cleaning up the office, sorting out things to keep, and throwing everything else into designated cubes for trash.

There was a lot of trash...

This cube is located downstairs by the backdoor. It contains mainly old office supplies, kitchen stuff, brochures, etc.

This cube is located upstairs right outside the Grand Canyon conference room. Everything electronic went in here, e.g. ancient computers, bad monitors, broken keyboards, filthy mice, etc.

This cube is located upstairs on the other side of Grand Canyon, and contains pretty much all other trash.

Friday, February 22nd around noon, the Los Gatos network was shut down. Ryan Yu and Andy Rowe from If&Then came by, removed the switches and took them over to the San Jose office. They replaced the existing switches with these newer ones to improve network speed and accomodate more users.

Friday afternoon the movers came and unloaded a boatload of carts they would use on Saturday to haul all the equipment into the truck.

Employees had already received stacks of cardboard boxes to pack up their belongings. Everybody spend a few hours packing on Friday afternoon and then went home for the weekend - except for me, of course...

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