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NetApp August 2008

Decru, the company I worked for since June 2006, was bought by NetApp several years ago. In June 2008 the Decru office in Redwood City was shut down and everybody was moved to the NetApp main site in Sunnyvale.

NetApp is a much larger company with 8000 employees worldwide and steadily growing. The main site consists of several large buildings and lots of parking. NetApp takes a lot of pride in being a great company to work for and makes an effort to keep it that way. They offer many benefits and services to employees, such as:

  • 3 cafeterias with a nice variety of great food
  • Bagels every Friday
  • Various services like on-site car wash, oil change, hair cuts, dry cleaning, etc.
  • Fitness studio with various fitness classes and training

Building 4 is where I work.

My cube.

Walkway between buildings

Volleyball court

The patio outside the cafeteria in building 7. Nice spot to eat your lunch.

The patio outside the cafeteria in building 3.

Nice landscaping everywhere.

Inside the cafeteria of building 3. Chinese, salads, Italian, salad bar, sandwich bar, desserts, various seasonal food - lots of choices.

Inside the cafeteria of building 7. Mediterranean food is the theme here. Also lots of great choices.

Salad and fruit bar.

Three times a week I run a CrossFit training for a group of my coworkers. More pictures and info are on my Get up, get fit! Blog.

So, not a bad place to work. Makes going to work a bit easier.