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Map of the resort

View down from the main building

Very nice landscaping everywhere

In the back you can see the private property of the owner of the resort company

Mexican version of Lombard Street

A new building being constructed in the hillside. At the top you can see a new pool sitting on top of the hill.

Another view of the landscaping. In the background, one of the many pools.

Oceanfront property is prime real estate also in Cabo. The building in the background (not part of the resort) supposedly sold for $12 million recently.

At the edge of the property. See the drastic contrast of well-maintained landscaping and behind it what this land really is: desert.

In the far distance you can barely see the lighthouse. The company owns all the land up to the lighthouse. The master plans says that over the next few years this will all be built out with more resorts, shopping malls, movie theaters, etc.

The back of the main building. It contains two levels of parking, two restaurants, luxury spa, complete gym, several shops, lobby, reception, two bars, and more.

If you didn't want to walk up and down the hill, these carts were available 24/7 to take you anywhere on the property. You may have noticed them in several of the pictures.

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