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We were way overdue for a vacation so we booked a week-long trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, at a very nice resort called Pueblo Bonito at Sunset Beach.

Entrance to our room

View from the patio of our room - it doesn't get much better than this

The beach

View from the beach back up to our building. Our room is at the bottom right of the building in the middle of the photo.

The beach faces the Pacific Ocean. Swimming is not allowed here due to rough waves and strong undertows.

The main entrance to the main building

Many shady spots to sit and relax

The reception area

Courtyard of the main building

Part of a bench in the courtyard

One of the bars in the main building

Separate Cigar Bar in the main building

Some carving in the courtyard

Hallway in the main building between two of the restaurants

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