In Deutsch, bitte

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Tuesday, January 6th, 2004 I received a call from my mom in Germany in the middle of the night, telling me that my uncle, her brother, had just died from a heart attack at the early age of 56.

I immediately packed a suitcase and got on the next plane to Germany. The following week was intense, full of impressions and experiences, thankfully mostly positive in spite of the sad occasion.

I made sure to pack my new camera and snap pictures like a japanese tourist on speed. The following are a selection of impressions and comments from Germany for your general viewing pleasure.

Approaching Europe at 39,000 feet

Many years ago my aunt and uncle bought this property with a decrepit old German farm house and a barn on the verge of collapsing. This is what they turned it into after many years of hard work and lots of money.

The main house

Back of the barn

Front of the barn

The "foyer" of the barn

This room used to be a pig sty. I remember shoveling pig shit out of this room many years ago.

Eating area

Sitting corner

One of the many old treasures found here

Upstairs are several small rooms with two beds each. My aunt either holds yoga and other seminars here or rents the entire barn out to other people for seminars.

A neighbor's house, also a restored old farmhouse

Front door of the main house

My cousin, proudly presenting his fresh baked nephew

Ben, world's cutest (and hairiest) baby?

My mom and Timmy, the bouncing dog. In spite of his senior age of 11 years, he bounces up and down like a rubber ball whenever he gets excited.

Proud great-grandma

The family at breakfast

My aunt Gerlinde, her son Roland, and his girlfriend Evelyn at a typical German breakfast table

My sister and Ben

Ben slobbering on my new sweater

Roland and his sister Ellen, proud mom of Ben

The young generation: Me and my sister Valerie (top left), my cousin Roland and Evelyn, bottom left, my cousin Ellen, Ben, and Andreas (right)

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