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Fremont Police Citizen Academy Spring 2005

Pop quiz: What does this group of people have in common?

They all wanted to know more about police work and signed up for the 20th Fremont Police Citizen Academy.

Back row: Lt. Mark Devine, Alex, Luis, Chen, Nick, Joe, Bill, Savio, Chief Craig Steckler
Middle row: Ken, Steve, Sandy, Karin, Timm, Eric, Sally
Front, sitting: Venae, Nancy, Aida, Julia

This gallery contains a selection of photos taken on various occasions during the Citizen Academy. This is a free program offered by the Fremont Police for Fremont citizens and goes 12 weeks (one or two evenings) where one can get a realistic idea of what the Police actually does and how they work. Presentations by the different departments, e.g. Traffic, Patrol, K9, Detectives, SWAT, CSI, Narcotics, Jail, etc. with pictures, movies, speeches, demonstrations and more. We also got to ride along twice with a patrol officer and go to the Police shooting range one morning. Very interesting.

The complete collection of all the original images can be downloaded by clicking on this link. When prompted, select "Save" to download to your hard drive. It is a Zip file (compressed archive file), about 18 MB in size.

Now on to the photos. Enjoy!

Posing with the police motorcycle

Aida contemplating a career change

"Now that's what I'm talking about!"

"Watch out, here I come!"

"This looks like a lot more fun than a minivan"

"I knew I should've worn my leather chaps today"

"Hmmm, looks like the key is in the ignition..."

"Man, I look good in blue!"

"My morning commute will never be the same"

"Honey, you know, I have a birthday coming up..."

"They wouldn't give me a gun so I'll just pretend"

"So, mind if I take it for a spin?"

"Wait, we don't all fit on here at the same time"

"Yeah, I'm a cool mom. Wait til my kids see this."

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