In Deutsch, bitte

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The Austrian alps.

Northern Italy.

The beach in Cannes.

Our hotel. 4 stars, half a block from the beach, downtown Cannes. Nice place.

My two cents about Cannes, or actually every piece of the Cote d'Azur we saw:

Pros: great weather, great scenery, great food
Cons: completely commercialized, overrun by tourist, and obscenely expensive

Tourism is everything. Everybody wants your money. Everything is either a souvenir shop, an art gallery, or a restaurant. Everything is crowded.

Some old men playing boule in Vence.

Typical old building in Vence containing a restaurant.

View over part of Vence.

Typical street in Vence.

These motor scooters are everywhere, and the young people riding them would make professional stunt men pale with fear. They are completely oblivious to anything and totally fearless. They pass cars at will, ride on the side walk, run red lights, and all that at neck-breaking speeds.

The advantage is that they are the perfect transportation to getting anywhere fast and make for easy, free parking.

However, it is dangerous. We came across one accident involving a motorscooter and a Mercedes. The Mercedes driver pulled out a hanky and buffed out the scratch on the side of his door. The fire department hooked up a hose to clean up the rest of the motorscooter and its driver...

This is in St. Paul du Vence. It's an ancient little fortified village on top of a mountain. Very medieval and charming. However, completely commercialized. Every single building contains a souvenir shop, an art gallery, a restaurant, or a tiny apartment for a person working in one of those three establishments. A total tourist trap. Sad.

I managed to snap a few pictures without hordes of tourists in them.

One day we drove up this windy narrow road into the hills and came through this place called "Col du Vence". It seemingly consisted of one house and this farm called "Ranch El Bronco".

The local movie theater in Vence. a little different from our movieplexes here in the States...

They were playing Shrek 2. On the poster you can see the name of the French actor who supplied the French voice for Shrek. Movies in non-English speaking countries in Europe are usually dubbed by local voice actors. The problem is that in Germany they appear to have only a couple of male and female voice actors because all American movies and TV shows sound totally identical as they were dubbed by the same voice actors - very bizarre.

Thanx to the Internet we were able to track down two friends of ours from way back when. My wife introduced them to each other about 13 years ago. They are now happily married with two kids. We hadn't seen them in 11 years.

Those were the main highlights from our trip. Of course we spent time hanging out with friends and relatives, shopping, etc. The various nuggets in this collection are things I thought may be interesting to somebody who hasn't been over there yet.

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