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Sunday morning from 7-9am Tony Blauer of Blauer Tactical lectured on close quarter tactics and self-defense. He is badass - good stuff.

Following that, more lectures and group exercises, and another WoD. This one was a team workout. 6 people to a team performing simultaneously at 6 stations:

Row for 30 calories

30 boxjumps

30 Sumo deadlift high pulls (1 pood/34 Kg)

30 push presses

30 burpees

Once all 6 finished their station, everybody rotated to the next station and immediately continued with the next exercise. Repeat until everybody has completed each station. What an ass kicker!

Nicole of CrossFit Santa Cruz, Lauren Glassman, and Eva T. Eva is a 2X Olympian, 6X National Champion, World Championship Bronze Medalist, and World Technical Skiing Champion. She is one of the "original CrossFitters", and has been working with Coach Glassman since 1996.

Annie, Dave, Coach, Tony, Lauren, Nicole.

What an awesome weekend! Learned a ton of stuff, met a lot of great people, and had a blast.

And all that due to a total random chance encounter. If we had been there a few minutes earlier or later, or if I had not worn my CrossFit t-shirt, we would have never met. This was meant to happen.

Thanks, Coach!

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