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CrossFit Certification Seminar July 2007

Sandy and I were in Arizona last week on vacation. On the way back to the airport on Friday we were talking in the car about things we wanted to accomplish. I mentioned among other things that I'd like to get certified as a CrossFit trainer to share it with others.

- For those not familiar with it: CrossFit is an exercise program defined by constantly varied functional movement at high intensity. Their motto is "Forging Elite Fitness". It builds a level of fitness not accomplished by any other exercise program by training all aspects of fitness. For more info, visit the CrossFit website. -

When we got to the airport, we returned the rental car, checked our bags, and then looked for a place to grab a bite to eat. Suddenly a woman came walking up to me and says "Hi, I am Lauren Glassman from CrossFit." Turns out Coach Greg Glassman and his wife Lauren, the founders/inventors and brains behind CrossFit, were sitting in the airport having lunch 20 feet away from us. They saw me wearing my CrossFit t-shirt so she came by to say hello.

We chatted for a few minutes and Coach asked "Are you ready for tomorrow?" I wasn't sure what he was referring to, so he explained that they were on their way to Santa Cruz (where the original CrossFit facility is located) to hold a certification seminar over the weekend. He asked me whether I could make it and invited me to attend. Hell yeah!

That encounter really made my day. Such nice people, down to earth, generous - awesome!

So Saturday morning I got up bright and early and headed down to Santa Cruz (about 1 hour drive).

Here we are: Mecca


The CrossFit gym - great setup, very efficient use of the space. For this weekend, converted to seating for the lectures.

The wall of fame: Some of the CrossFit workouts and record times.

Coach Glassman. Both days were combinations of lectures, group exercises to study the movements, and of course the workout of the day (WoD).

Saturday it was "Helen" which consists of a 400m run, followed by...

21 dumbbell swings and 12 pullups. Do 3 rounds for time.

Annie Sakamoto - One word: Amazing! She manages CrossFit Santa Cruz, performs in a lot of the videos on the CrossFit website, amazing athlete, a bundle of energy, and a really nice person.

Brendan - Full-time CrossFit trainer in Santa Cruz. Performs in a lot of the videos on the CrossFit website, amazing athlete, and a really nice guy.

In the evening it was time to socialize over beer, pizza, and watching the UFC fights.

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