In Deutsch, bitte

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People brought a lot of really creative gifts, such as various items decorated with the American flag, a kite with an eagle, Hotdogs, a baseball that was signed by everybody present, Apple and Cherry pie, and more.

Funny thing: Many people brought cards. Apparently there is only one kind of card available for this occasion. As a result I received the same card from 5 different people.

Some people took a lot of pictures. Here is Kim photographing me as I'm photographing her as she's photographing me as I'm photographing her as...

Susan and Jerry dancing on the left, back right dessert is being prepared.

A picture of the band that contributed to the good atmosphere with good music (though a little loud). Steve, the drummer, is the husband of my colleague Kim, which is how we got the band. Good choice.

Hiromi dances with son Geoffrey, Susan dances with son Sean. Everybody had a lot of fun.

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