In Deutsch, bitte

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The party was at a restaurant called "Spin A Yarn". It is run by two greeks and offers an interesting mixture of Californian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Over 30 friends showed up. The party started around 6:30pm with drinks and appetizers. Dinner was served around 7:30. Chicken and Fish with rice and vegetables - very tasty.

Starting front left with dark shirt: Susan, Sean, and Rick Gordon, Amy and Jeff Summers, Kim, Korie, and Steve Lafond, Sandy.

Starting front left with dark shirt: Jerry and Susan Hardman, Bob Petrini, Drew and Abby Satica, Elizabeth and Greg Hoban.

Starting front left with dark shirt: David Madwin, Alisa, Gina, and Paul Burchfield, Steve Madwin, Hiromi, Geoffrey, and Yoichi Kubota.

Sandy did a great job decorating the room.

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