In Deutsch, bitte

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The shotgun course. Pretty tricky. All slugs, and you had to repeatedly load throughout the course, but only with enough slugs to make it through each section.

Load three slugs, one shot each left- and right-hand barricade, then get the third steel popper on the move.

Another course with lots of physical activity before the shooting. Run around the tires, climb through the window, over the wall, crawl under the tarp, traverse the monkey bars, over the balance beam, then up the ladder to finally take the first shot.

Next, hit steel through small ports in the barricade.

Then clear half a dozen targets partially obscured by walls.

More steel to shoot from behind the car.

And more steel to shoot around the barricade.

The SCC SERT mobile command unit.

A class of fresh cadets came to visit the event.

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